kevin olega now

This page contains a summary of everything I'm doing now.

I use this page to update friends and remind myself of priorities.

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I manage projects for a US-based web design and development company.

I also manage marketing projects for a career and HR consulting business.

I'm processing different paperwork for local business clients.

I'm not accepting additional work and business proposals.

I am grateful I get to work from home.

I operate from ParaƱaque City.


I'm working on improving my video editing skills.

I'm also polishing my email marketing skills.

I just completed writing my second book.

I sell English lessons and write career advice for BPO workers as part of my communitity service.

I rarely leave home and say no to all invitations and requests.

I just purchased for my homepage.

I'm migrating all my pages and links to the new URL and polishing my web development chops.


I've been doing most of my workouts at home since the Covid-19 lockdown.

I'm just going slow. I'm doing Tabata exercises at 60-70% capacity for about 30 minutes to develop my exercise consistency.

I purchased a barbell and squat rack so I follow a 5 x 5 protocol for presses, squats and deadlifts.

I'd like to try boxing and Jiujitsu after the pandemic.


I'm writing fiction for fun with my friends at Fresh Myth.

My dog is now a father and I'm caring for two pets as part of my schedule.

I'm taking care of Missy, my friend's dog.

I'm renting a small apartment that doubles as an office and exercise space.

I spend my free time cycling, blogging, and drawing.

I avoid consuming carbs, sugar, and eat mostly beef and eggs.

I geek out on anime, manga, and J-pop idols.

My website is the best source of information about me, my work, and what I'm doing.

I don't post updates about myself on social media.

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This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page movement. Check it out at

Last update: Saturday, July 5, 2021 ParaƱaque City.