kevin olega now

This page contains a summary of everything I'm doing now.

I use this page to post announcements, update friends, and remind myself of priorities.

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I manage projects for a US web development company.

I handle marketing for a career and HR consulting business in Arizona.

I'm not accepting additional work and business proposals.

I operate from ParaƱaque City.


I sell my books and training programs on my website.

I write career advice for BPO workers as my communitity service.

I'm working on improving my skills in: project management, email marketing, and video editing.

I rarely leave home and say no to all invitations and requests.


I've been exercising at home since the lockdown.

I follow a 5x5 strength protocol for squats, presses, and deadlifts. I also practice kettlebell swings and turkish getups.

I slowly do twenty five burpees, air squats, and toes to bar so I can try boxing and Jiujitsu after the pandemic.


I write fiction for fun with friends at Fresh Myth.

I spend my mornings and afternoons hanging out with Fluffy, his son Kuromi, and Missy, my friend's dog.

I rent a small apartment that doubles as an office and exercise space.

I am grateful I get to work from home.

I spend my free time cycling, blogging, and drawing.

I avoid consuming carbs, sugar, and eat mostly beef and eggs.

I geek out on anime, manga, and J-pop idols.

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This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page movement. Check it out at

My website is the best source of information about me, my work, and what I'm doing.

I don't post updates about myself on social media.

LAST UPDATE: Wednesday, November 17, 2021, ParaƱaque City