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Hello there!

Welcome to my about page.

I share my history and past activities on this page.

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I’m still tidiying up this page.


I processed various paperwork for local business clients.

I managed projects for a web development company in Missouri.

I worked as a Junior Project Manager and virtual assistant for DG Consulting, an IT consulting firm for eight-figure entrepreneurs and online marketers.

I managed the day-to-day operations a CrossFit box.

I was a professional writer for various educational, financial, creativity, sports, outdoor, travel, fitness, and health websites.

I was a technical and customer support agent for COMCAST under WCS.

I was in corporate sales and sold IT solutions and

I worked part-time as an English teacher and academic tutor as well as a sales trainer.

I worked for a call center training school.

I worked as a commission-only salesperson for real estate, insurance, and other companies.

I was a gun store sales clerk.


I enjoy writing and making things on the web.

I started making websites in 2005.

I worked in sales and marketing.

I have a mix of different skills and interests.


In 2010, I started a website titled minimal changes about my personal experiments to develop free time, spare cash, a clear head and lighter living by applying minimalist lifestyle expriments and by testing counter intuitive strategies on myself. It’s been a fun ride.

I’m from the Philippines and I enjoy travel and trying out food. Occassionaly, I take lots of pictures. I started a website named Philippine Island Living to share tips and stories about my adventures and the things I enjoy about life in the Philippines. I eventually rebranded the website in 2020 to help promote local businesses and service providers.

I worked in the BPO industry since 2007 my friends have been asking me for tips on how to get hired in a call center. I’m an introvert. People who know me growing up know it that’s why they ask me for tips because they couldn’t believe the improvement. I enjoy teaching people because I know the challenges of people who are shy or have difficulty communiting. I enjoy helping shy people like me. Over time I realized that I’ve been spending a bit too much time doing this so I decided to set up a website and write all my lessons instead of spending a few hours with them teaching them all I know over beer or food. Call Center Training Tips is an online reference to help people get hired in a call center.

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Here’s what I’m doing now.

Work Projects

I make my living helping entrepreneurs implement their business ideas by working as their Project Manager.

I previously worked as an assistant and a ghostwriter.

In 2016, I left my call center job to take care of my health and had become a freelancer.

If you’re interested in hiring me please visit my UpWork and Fiverr profile or simply send me a message.

As of April 2017, my work queue is presently full and as a result, I’m currently rejecting offers for jobs, business and investments.

Personal Projects

I’m a workaholic. Yes. But aside from work related activities I also have personal projects and many of it actually looks like work.

I spend most of my free time training in a CrossFit box, blogging, drawing or taking my bike out of town.

I currently live in Parañaque, Philippines in case you’re wondering.

I do my best to play around with what I’m doing.

Because based on experience, most of my big wins are a result in a gameful mindset

And taking anything too seriously often ends in failure.

Recent Wins

LAST UPDATE: Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Parañaque City