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I work on web development projects and run online businesses. I love writing and creating content. My websites help others, and I balance my life with activities like walking my dogs, cycling, CrossFit, and martial arts. I’m practicing minimalism and say no to most proposals, offers, and invitations to maintain focus on my work.


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I enjoy writing and making things on the web since 2005.

Minimal Changes Blog: In 2010, I launched Minimal Changes, a website where I document my personal experiments in developing a minimalist lifestyle. I share strategies I’ve tested on myself to achieve free time, spare cash, a clear head, and effortless productivity. It’s been an exciting journey!

Philippine Island Living Blog: I love traveling, trying new foods, and capturing memories through photography. That’s why I created Philippine Island Living, a website where I share my adventures and the things I enjoy about life in the Philippines. In 2020, I decided to rebrand the website to help promote local businesses and service providers. You can visit the website at philippineislandliving.com.

Call Center Training Tips: I started Call Center Training Tips because my friends frequently asked me for advice on how to get hired in a call center. Despite being an introvert, I’ve been working in the BPO industry since 2007 and improved my communication skills, which my friends found impressive. I enjoy teaching people, especially those who struggle with shyness like me. As demand grew, I realized that I was spending too much time giving advice in person, so I decided to create an online platform where people can access comprehensive lessons and tutorials. Call Center Training Tips provides training in communication and customer service, preparing students to land high-paying jobs in the call center industry. Additionally, I offer personalized mentoring to dedicated students to help them achieve their career goals.




I’m a fitness enthusiast who loves CrossFit, cycling and martial arts.

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LAST UPDATE: Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Metro Manila, Philippines.